Digital Futures (MA, MFA, MDes).

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OCAD University | College in Toronto, Canada

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Digital Futures (MA, MFA, MDes).

About the Program

Digital Futures (MA, MDes, MFA)

The graduate program in Digital Futures responds to the increasingly important and sophisticated role of digital technology as a catalyst for change.

Digital Futures has an international student cohort and faculty. A global perspective is key to securing our graduates’ futures in the eclectic international creative digital industries, encompassing design, arts, creative services, entertainment, media and cultural industries. The Digital Futures program is offered in partnership with the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) Media Lab.

The Digital Futures student-centred learning approach applies to both research and practice. The curriculum ensures that you gain core digital knowledge and skills as you explore your specific areas of interest through electives, industry internships, residencies and independent study.

The program focuses on practice-based learning and prototyping, with an enterprise component and supporting thesis research. Industry partnerships help students to build a career runway in advance of graduating. You are encouraged to work with industry partners in internships which lead to mentorship for your thesis research.

Who should apply?

You should have a background in design, technology, culture and/or enterprise as demonstrated by an undergraduate degree and relevant work experience. Our students are designers and artists, filmmakers, architects, journalists and media specialists, scientists, engineers and business people. This diversity drives peer learning and collaboration across disciplines in the program.

The master’s degree in Digital Futures

The master’s in Digital Futures is a two-year full-time program. In the program, you will develop practice-based and scholarly research in technologically advanced design, art and media through the following:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research and practice
  • Business and innovation studies
  • Computing and emerging digital methodologies

This is a full-time, 8-credit program comprising:

  • Foundational courses in computation, business creation, innovation and leadership
  • Core courses in digital methods, research, theory and practice
  • Intensive digital project and prototyping courses
  • Individual research and creation overseen by a principal advisor and supervisory committee
  • Summer internship and/or study abroad
  • Elective choices
  • Creative digital thesis project and supporting paper (MFA/MDes) or a written thesis and supporting creative project (MA)

Students declare their intention to pursue the Master of Design (MDes), Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or Master of Arts (MA) at the time of application. The outcomes of the chosen degree are distinctive. The MDes and MFA focus on practice-based research creation with a supporting thesis. The MA flips that focus, with an emphasis on a scholarly research thesis and a supporting creative project.

Elective choices

Fall 2020 Elective Courses

  • DIGF-5006 New Interfaces for Musical Expression
  • DIGF-6042 Possible Futures

Winter 2021 Elective Courses

  • DIGF-5007 Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • DIGF-5008 Interactive Documentary
  • DIGF-5010 Digital Fabrication
  • DIGF-5009 Body-Centric Technologies
  • DIGF-6018 Digital Games

Spring/Summer Elective Courses

  • DIGF-6041 Experiences & Interfaces 
  • GGRA-5002 Thinking Through Making
  • INCD-5001 Cognitive Semiotics Lab
  • DHEA-S6002 Special Topic: Designing for Equity: Governance and Health
  • Residency: Contingencies of Care: 2021

Other Elective Courses

  • INCD-5002 Multi-Sensory Studio/Seminar
  • CRCP-6004 Intro to Curatorial Practices
  • CRCP-6003 Issues in Criticism & Curator Studies
  • CRCP-6006 Issues in Exhibitions, Theory
  • IAMD-6014 Special Focus: Practice-Research
  • CADN-6001 Art History Methods & Theory
  • CADN-6011 Special Topic Seminar: Art, Mourning, & Melancholia
  • IAMD-6021 Indigenous & Decolonial Practices
  • VISM-6003 Issues in New Media Art
  • IAMD-6006 Issues in Critical Theory
  • IAMD-6013 Special Focus: Research & Innovation
  • CADN-6004 Indigenous Art, Design & New Media 
  • CRCP-6001 Intro to Criticism

Other Elective Options 

  • Internships (placements)
  • Residencies 
  • 300 or 400-level undergraduate course (subject to the approval of the instructor and the Graduate Program Director)
  • Independent Study (subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Director)
  • Graduate course at another university through the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan(OVGS) or Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement (CUGTA) (subject to approval by the Graduate Program Director, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Host Institution)

Contact Info

Meichen Waxer (she/her)

Kate Hartman
Program Director, Digital Futures

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