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The University of Manitoba rewards students who have demonstrated academic success and supports those with financial need through international student scholarships and bursaries.


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About the Scholarships

International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarship was established to reward academic excellence by international students graduating from international high schools and entering studies at the University of Manitoba.

Scholarships will be offered to students who:

  • are international students (i.e. in Canada on valid study permits) who have applied for admission to any Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba by the deadline date of March 1;
  • are paying the international student tuition fee rates;
  • have achieved a minimum high school average of 85% based on the best five senior level academic courses from our approved General Entrance Scholarship list.

The value of each award is set each year in tiers based on high school grade averages. As an example, for the year 2020-2021 the award values were as follows:

  • Averages greater than or equal to 95% –  $3,000
  • Averages greater than or equal to 90% –  $2,000
  • Averages greater than or equal to 85% –  $1,000

International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship was established to reward excellence in scholastic achievement by international students at The University of Manitoba.

Scholarships are offered to international students who:

  • are in Canada on valid study permits;
  • who have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours in any Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba;
  • show exceptional academic achievement on courses completed in the last regular academic session (minimum sessional grade point average of 3.5);
  • are continuing in the next consecutive year of full-time undergraduate study in their program during the Fall/Winter academic session.

Those meeting the above criteria will be ranked by sessional grade point average and scholarships will be offered until all available funds are exhausted or the grade point standard is reached. Eligible recipients will be notified by the end of July.

International Student Bursaries

To qualify for bursaries at the University of Manitoba, you must apply for the University of Manitoba General Bursary through Aurora in addition to any individual applications that may be required for specific awards.

General bursary applications for Fall and Winter Terms will be available in the Aurora Student Portal in early August. This application, with supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Financial Aid and Awards office by Oct. 1. International students in their first year of post-secondary study in Canada are not eligible to apply to the general bursary program.

Learn About Applying Bursaries


Every year, the University of Manitoba offers a wide-range of bursaries to both new and continuing full-time and part-time students who have a demonstrated financial need and a minimum academic standing. The average value of bursaries range in amounts from $400 to $1,000, with over $6 million awarded annually.


Bursary awards are primarily based upon financial need, as opposed to scholarships, which are primarily based on academic merit. Because of this, all bursary applications require you to complete a budget section. Please note that the budget section of each application refers to a specific time period.

Eligibility criteria and application requirements vary by award. Most require that you submit the UM General Bursary application, and some require additional forms or attachments. Please be sure to read the details of each bursary carefully before applying.

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